The government introduces a ban on the export of fertilizers from Ukraine


Due to the state of war, in order to maintain balance in the domestic market of significant mineral fertilizers, the government introduces a zero quota for their export.

The Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko announced this in his telegram channel.

According to him, the decree actually prohibits the export of fertilizers from Ukraine. This applies to nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and complex fertilizers.

The relevant government decree states:

– mineral or chemical fertilizers, nitrogen (UKT VED code 3102);

– mineral or chemical fertilizers, phosphorus (UKT VED code 3103);

– mineral or chemical fertilizers, potash (UKT VED code 3104);

– mineral or chemical fertilizers containing two or three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; other fertilizers; goods of this group in tablets, packages with a gross weight of not more than 10 kg (UKT VED code 3105).

“This ban is forced and temporary and applies to restoring the balance of certain goods on the domestic market and ensuring the sowing campaign, which is extremely important in order to prevent a food crisis in Ukraine and the world,” Roman Leshchenko stressed.


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